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Round 1 - The Rider: The Great Reveal

Seven months ago, we started on this journey called FanFic Tumble. A number of dedicated authors, with the help of a few invaluable pinch hitters, created no less than eight adventurous tales set in Tolkien's Middle-earth, in which they invented new characters, wrote evil cliffhangers and solved plot riddles. Now, for your reading pleasure, I am proud to be able to reveal the stories as well as the various authors who worked on them (note: if you've visited fanfictumble  before The Great Reveal, you may have to refresh your browser window to gain access to the stories).

Story 1:
The Rider - Finding Trouble

At the end of an otherwise uneventful patrol, Elladan ends up in dire straits. He is stuck in a river and the water level is rising... His brother Elrohir rides for help, but outlaws roam the land and Elrond is torn between his love for his son and his duty to the people.

Authors (in order of appearance): jay_of_lasgalen  , eveningrainfall  , lin4gondor  , nautika3  , lady_branwyn  , imaginigma   and jay_of_lasgalen  

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Story 2:
The Rider - Burdens Of Grief

The loss of loved ones is always hard, whether you be Man or Elf.

Authors (in order of appearance): eveningrainfall , jay_of_lasgalen , lady_branwyn , juno_magic , nautika3 , lin4gondor , nierielraina , tanaquilotr 

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Story 3:
The Rider - Mystery In Mirkwood

Orc bands have been capturing people -- Men, Elves and Halflings alike. And when they plan a larger attack to gain even more prisoners, Legolas and Aragorn come up with a dangerous plan. But when things go wrong, they find themselves in more trouble than they expected. And who is the mysterious Easterner that commands such fear in the Orcs? AU-ish.

Authors (in order of appearance): nautika3 , juno_magic , tanaquilotr , imaginigma , lady_branwyn , lin4gondor , nautika3 

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Story 4:
The Rider - Not All Those Who Wander
Years after Elros and Elrond each made their Choice, the brothers meet again.

Authors (in order of appearance): juno_magic, nautika3, imaginigma, lin4gondor, jay_of_lasgalen, lady_branwyn

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Story 5:
The Rider - Safekeeping Their Borders

The Nazgûl are loose, making for the Shire and Frodo Baggins; others ride out to try and warn the Ringbearer of the danger. During a mad race for who will reach the Shire first, the Black Riders spare none in their path, and anyone stricken by the Black Breath is doomed to die... Or can help be found in time?

Authors (in order of appearance): lin4gondor , leany75 , lady_branwyn , juno_magic , imaginigma , jay_of_lasgalen , lin4gondor 

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Story 6:
The Rider - Untitled

The Nine are abroad, and Lord Elrond cannot allow the Enemy to take back what he seeks. Glorfindel, sent to ride out in aid of the Ringbearer, learns more about the evils that now roam freely.

Authors (in order of appearance): levadegratchets , lin4gondor , juno_magic , imaginigma , jay_of_lasgalen , nierielraina , nautika3 , aranellaurelote 

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Story 7:
The Rider - Pestilence

Years before the Ring War, Rohan's horses have fallen ill with a strange disease. As the herds are thinned, Éomund seeks council in Isengard. But Saruman The Wise has his own schemes to set in motion. And for that, he needs someone who carries the blood of Númenor...

Authors (in order of appearance): lady_branwyn , imaginigma , nautika3 , jay_of_lasgalen , nierielraina , juno_magic , lin4gondor , lady_branwyn 

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Story 8:
The Rider - Black Horses for the Black Land

While in the service of Thengel King of Rohan, Captain Thorongil learns of Sauron's strange desire for black horses.

Authors (in order of appearance): imaginigma, lady_branwyn, jay_of_lasgalen, lin4gondor, tanaquilotr, nautika3, juno_magic, lin4gondor

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