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This is the general "get things off your chest" or "ask a question" post. If you stumbled onto this journal and want to say something, or if you want to contact the Tumble moderators, this is the post to do it in. Can't find your way around? Confused? Need to get in touch? Add a comment, and we'll get back to you! Comments are screened and thus not visible to others.

Round 1 - The Rider: The Great Reveal

Seven months ago, we started on this journey called FanFic Tumble. A number of dedicated authors, with the help of a few invaluable pinch hitters, created no less than eight adventurous tales set in Tolkien's Middle-earth, in which they invented new characters, wrote evil cliffhangers and solved plot riddles. Now, for your reading pleasure, I am proud to be able to reveal the stories as well as the various authors who worked on them (note: if you've visited fanfictumble  before The Great Reveal, you may have to refresh your browser window to gain access to the stories).

Story 1:
The Rider - Finding Trouble

At the end of an otherwise uneventful patrol, Elladan ends up in dire straits. He is stuck in a river and the water level is rising... His brother Elrohir rides for help, but outlaws roam the land and Elrond is torn between his love for his son and his duty to the people.

Authors (in order of appearance): jay_of_lasgalen  , eveningrainfall  , lin4gondor  , nautika3  , lady_branwyn  , imaginigma   and jay_of_lasgalen  

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Story 2:
The Rider - Burdens Of Grief

The loss of loved ones is always hard, whether you be Man or Elf.

Authors (in order of appearance): eveningrainfall , jay_of_lasgalen , lady_branwyn , juno_magic , nautika3 , lin4gondor , nierielraina , tanaquilotr 

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Story 3:
The Rider - Mystery In Mirkwood

Orc bands have been capturing people -- Men, Elves and Halflings alike. And when they plan a larger attack to gain even more prisoners, Legolas and Aragorn come up with a dangerous plan. But when things go wrong, they find themselves in more trouble than they expected. And who is the mysterious Easterner that commands such fear in the Orcs? AU-ish.

Authors (in order of appearance): nautika3 , juno_magic , tanaquilotr , imaginigma , lady_branwyn , lin4gondor , nautika3 

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Story 4:
The Rider - Not All Those Who Wander
Years after Elros and Elrond each made their Choice, the brothers meet again.

Authors (in order of appearance): juno_magic, nautika3, imaginigma, lin4gondor, jay_of_lasgalen, lady_branwyn

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Story 5:
The Rider - Safekeeping Their Borders

The Nazgûl are loose, making for the Shire and Frodo Baggins; others ride out to try and warn the Ringbearer of the danger. During a mad race for who will reach the Shire first, the Black Riders spare none in their path, and anyone stricken by the Black Breath is doomed to die... Or can help be found in time?

Authors (in order of appearance): lin4gondor , leany75 , lady_branwyn , juno_magic , imaginigma , jay_of_lasgalen , lin4gondor 

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Story 6:
The Rider - Untitled

The Nine are abroad, and Lord Elrond cannot allow the Enemy to take back what he seeks. Glorfindel, sent to ride out in aid of the Ringbearer, learns more about the evils that now roam freely.

Authors (in order of appearance): levadegratchets , lin4gondor , juno_magic , imaginigma , jay_of_lasgalen , nierielraina , nautika3 , aranellaurelote 

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Story 7:
The Rider - Pestilence

Years before the Ring War, Rohan's horses have fallen ill with a strange disease. As the herds are thinned, Éomund seeks council in Isengard. But Saruman The Wise has his own schemes to set in motion. And for that, he needs someone who carries the blood of Númenor...

Authors (in order of appearance): lady_branwyn , imaginigma , nautika3 , jay_of_lasgalen , nierielraina , juno_magic , lin4gondor , lady_branwyn 

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Story 8:
The Rider - Black Horses for the Black Land

While in the service of Thengel King of Rohan, Captain Thorongil learns of Sauron's strange desire for black horses.

Authors (in order of appearance): imaginigma, lady_branwyn, jay_of_lasgalen, lin4gondor, tanaquilotr, nautika3, juno_magic, lin4gondor

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Final Tumble Story revealed!

And the final Tumble story is up!

With thanks to lady_branwyn who offered to pinch hit the final section. Go read "Not All Those Who Wander"! And don't forget to leave our authors a comment after reading... :-)

Want to read all the Tumble stories? Use the tags on the left, or visit The Great Reveal-post for an overview.

Story 8 has been revealed

All right! Seven down, one to go. Story number 8 of the fanfictumble is up now for your reading pleasure! Find details in the Great Reveal Post. And don't forget to leave feedback for our wonderful authors.

Belated update...

It's been far too long since I gave you an update on the Fanfic Tumble situation. I was waiting for the last two stories (#4 and #8) to be finished. I'm expecting story #8 shortly, but the author originally slated to finish #4 has since informed she is unable to do so.

Hence, #4 is up for ADOPTION! Let me know in a comment if you feel up to finishing a story that includes Elrond, Elros and even Maglor!

Also, I would like to remind the Tumble participants to join the Post-mortem discussion and leave your thoughts on the process. Topics include canonicity, the number of installments per story and word count, as well as what to do with orphaned stories.

Story 6 has been revealed

Good news! Yet another story of the Tumble has been revealed today. All info on story #6 can be found in the Great Reveal post. Or go straight to the story. I'm still waiting for the title, and will add that as soon as it comes in.

Also, authors, do not forget to give your opinion on the Tumble's run in our post-mortem post.

ETA: oops, I forgot to set the story to Public. It should be fixed now...

Edit Your Typos

It wasn't possible before, but according to LJ's latest news post, it is now possible to edit comments. LJ says:
Paid Members now have the ability to edit comments! Just click on the "edit" button in your comment to make changes. Of course, to be fair to others, only comments that have not yet been replied to may be edited.
(Note that is says "paid members".)

Since most if not all of the story parts haven't been commented to, it should be possible for those of you that have a paid account to amend any typos you happen to have made in your story parts, should you want to do so. It's not mandatory, but some of you have asked about it, so I thought I should alert you to this new option. It's probably not needed, but I want to say it nevertheless :-) : please refrain from making any other changes to your story parts.

P.S. I'll have a first post-mortem discussion post up some time tomorrow.


Post-mortem discussion

Now that the Tumble is almost over, it's time to discuss the experience and see where we can improve on the rules, regulations, or general run of the Tumble. I do have a few subjects myself I'd like to hear your opinions on, but also like to give you the opportunity bring your concerns and/or questions to the table as well.

Please, if there's anything you wish to discuss with me or your fellow Tumblers, leave a comment. It'd help if you also mention what you'd like the discussion to achieve. This could range from merely exchanging tips and tricks to amendments in the rules (for if we ever run another Tumble again).

In the meantime, there are three stories that still need to come in.
  • satismagic has indicated RL is keeping her so busy, she hopes to get around to it in December (story #4).
  • imaginigma has regretfully informed me she sees no chance to finish her part in the foreseeable future and has asked me to find a pinch hitter (story #8). Anybody that feels like taking over for her, please leave a comment as well!
  • And aranellaurelote, who's pinch hitting for story #6, has posted a partly resolution to the story; I'll try to contact her by e-mail to see what's up with the other part that she promised. She's been having trouble accessing the internet/LJ, so is going to e-mail me the part and have me post it. TBC soon!

Hurrah, another story's gone 'live'!

I'm happy to announce that the fifth of the Tumble stories has now also been Revealed. More information on  The Rider - Safekeeping Their Borders (which also happens to be Story #5) can be found in The Great Reveal-post. Or go directly to the story here.

This means that we are now waiting on the last three stories to be finishes: #4, #6 and #8... Authors? How are you doing?


Next story revealed

And a fourth story has been revealed. The story-formerly-known-as-#7 is now titled "Pestilence". For more information, check out The Great Reveal post.

Also, once all stories have been revealed, I plan to make announcements in several Tolkien communities, to direct people to all the stories.

In the mean time, some of you have started posting "your" stories to other archives, which is fine by me (if any of the authors has an objection to their work showing up in other archives, please let me know ASAP in a comment -- comments are screened). I would ask that 1) you provide the various authors' names along with their parts (not that there's any doubt you guys wouldn't do that!) and 2) provide a link back to this journal's profile page (http://fanfictumble.livejournal.com/profile) so that anyone wondering what madness this is can find the explanation right there.

Lastly, an author post-mortem is being planned, but I want to wait with discussing the Tumble experience until all authors have turned in their work and won't have their attention divided.


What is a FanFicTumble?

The FanFicTumble is a variation of the Round Robin, a story that circles from one writer to the next, each adding his/her own chapter.

With the FanFicTumble however, there's not one story, but as many as there are participants. Everyone starts out with the same teaser, and every writer writes a part for each story.

Check out the User Info for more information.

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